We listen to children’s and parents voices. Our school behaviour policy is clear that children are expected to contribute and cooperate.


The rule of law

We consistently reinforce our high expectations of children. Children are taught the value and reasons behind our rules that they are there to protect us that everyone has a responsibility and that there are consequences when rules are broken.


Individual Liberty

Within school children are actively encouraged to make choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school we educate and provide boundaries for the children to make choices safety, through our provision of a safe environment and teaching. Children are encouraged to know understand and exercise these rights and personal freedoms.


Mutual respect

Part of our school ethos is around Respect and children are modelled this by caring, sharing and listening to others. Staff help children to understand how to respect by talking about how actions / words can affect others.


Tolerance of those Different Faiths and Beliefs

We aim to enhance children’s understanding of different faiths and beliefs by participating in range of celebrations throughout the year. Children have the opportunity to dress up in clothes and try different foods from other cultures and we encourage parents / carers to participate and support our multi-cultural events.


We promote these by –

Celebrating British occasions and festivals

Teaching children to listen to each other

Encouraging children how to be kind, helpful and respectful of others

Being role models and teaching table manners

Learning about our heritage and history

Being polite, saying please and thank you

Promoting listening during story and song time

Teaching empathy and understanding

Teacher appropriate behaviour and learning right from wrong

Encouraging children to take turns and share

Learning all about weather and seasons

Being part of local community

Making friends

Tolerating others and mutual respect

Eating and learning about traditional foods



We are part of our local community and we visit?

Churches                   Friends

Toddler groups


We take turns and share

During conversations

When we are reading in a group

During our games with friends


We practice our table manners

We eat with our mouths closed

We empty our mouths before we talk

We help tidy up after snack


We use quite voices inside


We are learning to listen

We wait for our friends to finish speaking before we speak

We do not shout out

We enjoy listening to music

We are polite

We say please and thank you

We respect our toys

We help our friends to tidy up

We eat British foods---

Roast beef

Seasonal fruit


Fish, Chips and peas


We learn about the world around us

We mark special multicultraul days

We use ”Our children from all around the world book “to learn about other cultural and religions

Also through toys and books

We learn to respect people with disabilities

We celebrate British festivals

Pancake day-Valentine’s day-Mother’s Day-Easter-Father’s Day-Harvest festival - Bonfire night-Remembrance Day-Christmas-St David’s day- St Patricks day- St Georges day-St Andrews day

We are kind and gentle

We follow our behaviour rules

We use quite voices inside

We help others

We learn about British Seasons and Weather

Winter – January, February, March

Spring – April, May, June

Summer – July, August, September

Autumn – October, November,


Weather -Rain, Snow, Wind, Sun






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